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 #20511  by Creekside
 25 Jun 2017 10:11
Larry and I did what I call the 'missile silo' run. Its from Overbrook KS to Melvern, winds up back at Pomona. I tend to forget exactly how hard some of the roads are in between. The water was down so the stream crossings were easy. The blue flags are min maintenance. My routes are pretty much a maze of gravel connecting the roughest roads and closed stuff. 148 miles of the crappest roads.
#1 the track
#2 Trying to put your foot down when the road is gone. 181St, N Pomona
#3 Alburn rail maintanence trail by 56hi, 201st
#4 Riding a silo
#5 Looking for the rocky bottom, 285st N Melvern. Quick step off as the bike spills.
#6 Larry tries to get past my mess. I can't maneuver my bike in this, I just get in a rut and dig, spray & paddle.
#7 road to the Melvern Lake overlook, more like an ATV trail.
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 #20515  by Ed M
 25 Jun 2017 18:19
Andy - that's a great looking track, your pics show you guys hit a little bit of everything. Are those Mitas E-07s I see? What did you think of the performance of those tires?
 #20516  by gagnaou
 25 Jun 2017 22:08
This looks like a great ride, thanks for sharing pictures and map!
 #20518  by Creekside
 26 Jun 2017 12:08
I don't mind posting tracks if you want them. PM me your email. I could try later to post a gpx file?

I'll just dump my whole Kansas folder on you so make sure you make a new basecamp folder for all of my junk to pile into. Heck of alot of waypoints. I plan on plotting every bad road from Wichita-Alma-Nebraska eastward, about 50% done. But this is only by Google Earth eyeballing, not travel. If I figure out what Troy has said about closed roads and stream crossings listing for KS and add that it, it would be great. Also tried to add every gas station east of that line too (at least in the boonies). Its alot of click&add putting in those points, a whole Saturday, but I really like having a big collection of min maint roads to just make a quick track from or change the route on the fly. As any of you know running a Trek or Montana, its really tough to figure out what town your near, where you really are, where gas is way the heck out there, or what to do to recover from closed areas. I want min maint flags, scenic points and gas icons.

I really like the E07's. I never really liked the K60s because they just squared off so bad so fast for me, and they are squirrelly when wet and cold. They really get tractor tire square after a bit and I like driving pavement fast. I can get most of a year on the 07's, 7000miles. I love the tkc80 up front for sure. I think it really more important than rear choice. For climbing out of ruts and staying out of them.
 #20524  by Ed M
 28 Jun 2017 12:03
Waypoints- I'm terrible about adding those in. I plan a track, ride the track, cleanup the track reroutes ride it again figuring I will add in waypoints along the way and it never happens. When I'm out riding I just want to ride, I really need to start adding waypoints, it's not hard to do I just hate stopping to do it.