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 #19817  by Snowman
 25 Oct 2016 15:46
troy wrote:
Snowman wrote:Looking for a flat, non gravel, preferably grassy area where I can practice my low speed turns and simple skidding without scraping up the bike or my knees too badly when (not if) I fall. Anyone have any suggestions for an area like that?
That is surprisingly hard to find in the Midwest where we have millions of acres of relatively flat, grassy land! Problem is almost every inch of it is private property. The very few ORV areas are way too small for the population that uses it, so they become nothing but rutted, eroded, rocky messes fit only for folks training for hard enduro!

So #1 recommendation is make friends with a land owner! Your post here on RideForum might help you with that. We'll see.

Good news is I do have an option for you! Turns out the Santa Fe Trail Cycle Park (Carbondale) has a pretty large open grassy area that would be perfect for what you want to do. It's an area just N of their vintage motocross track (also used for peewee races). Some details and directions in this thread:


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 #20337  by jerry valdez
 06 Apr 2017 12:39
Went to school creek-Milford Lake riding area 2 weeks ago, was very wet & muddy but had a good time 18 riders that day 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, its has sand, dirt, slate rocks, trails with lots of trees to go thru, hills to climb. It has parking area, loading ramp from trucks, out house. no water or shelter house. it is the best Kansas has to offer. I was the only silver haired guy that day. (Smiley- Holton, Ks.)
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