Post pics or video from your ride today

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Re: Post pics or video from your ride today

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troy wrote: 22 Aug 2022 08:42 Somewhere between Council Grove and Florence yesterday (Sun 8/21)

Rear tire went flat 6 miles S of Florence. Right side of bead broke. I didn't even notice on the gravel road, but when I turned onto the paved highway I just about lost the bike out from under me 2x before realizing "uh oh. I get to change out a tube in this heat."

I've seen it happen several times, but 1st time for me--spun the valve stem off the tube. I had just had new tires installed by a Wichita shop. Makes me wonder what kind of tire lube they are using that allowed my tire to spin on the rim--it's not like I was digging trenches with that rear tire on this ride.

This was also the 1st time I've personally tested the 21" front tube in a 17" rear tire thing. Worked as advertised--got me home.
FWIW, 890 Rs do not get flats ;-)

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